Business opportunity in Nova Scotia Canada

We are looking for an active or silent PARTNER, INVESTOR OR SHAREHOLDER for an exciting and lucrative business opportunity with option to get preferred IMMIGRATION TO CANADA!
The offer is an existing, but presently NOT operating sawmill in the south part of Nova Scotia.

The special benefits of this sawmill are:

History of over 110 years of existence

Only major sawmill in area of 150 km surrounding

Log supply study available in this area of over 60 MIO ton of standing lumber!

Equipped with power station burning the waste products of bark, saw dust and chips making 1 Megawatt of electric power plus all necessary heat out of the waste

This power station supplies more electricity than needed in the sawmill

Debarker, four  sawmill lines ( oversize double sided bandsaw, chipper canter for small logs, bull edger and gangsaw,) planer house, hopper, chippers with screens, pumphouse, truck scale, kiln, boxfactory  

There is local market for classical dimensional lumber, but oversee market for pine, oversize and speciality products

There is no need to buy the mill. It was kept all the time in working order, even the power is kept on to establish an easy start up.

There is no vandalism, but some storm damage to the kiln.

The money is needed to cover the operating cost of wages including training, log supply, repair and maintenance and acquisition of at least one major loader to be able to move the logs to the saw and the finished lumber.

Depending available money the old kiln should be repaired, new kiln(s) added, a firelog press and a pellet press should be bought and installed.

The very special advantage of this business:

No capital cost for purchasing of the mill and the 29 acres of land

No energy cost for electricity or heat!

Nearly unlimited logsupply in close by area


No Immediate competition

Local, American and oversee buyers available

Sale of surplus electricity

Support of municipality

Additional public funding available

Low employment area

Close distance to highway and ocean with harbour

More information can be supplied to serious interested person(s)

If interested, please call 902 2204649 or email with your phone number to

Thanks for your time!


Hagen Kuehl

(chief coordinator)